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Metal Cylinder

Metal Cylinder

Metal Cylinders are made in Nepal with Special Materials, which are Protective coating as per Nepal Standards.However, ISI (Institute Standard of India) trademark Cylinders are also imported directly from India.

All new LPG Cylinders are required to be taken for the first Statutory Testing and Painting (ST& P) after 10 years and Subsequent Testing are done after each 5 Years.

Polymer Safety Caps are provided with each filled cylinder for customers to keep it safe and to use control incidental leakage.

Filled LP Gas cylinders are provided with white cleared logo seal printed "Nepal Gas" Guaranteed full weight 14.2 kg.

Composite Cylinder

Composite Cylinder

Explosion Proof
when it comes to LPG cylinders,safety is of paramount importance. Nepal gas Composite cylinders are tried & tested and every cylinder has proven to be 100% explosion proof and safe even when engulfed in fire.

Translucent Body 
Composite cylinder come with a translucent body that enable you to accurately check the LPG level against light.
UV Protected 
The outer & inner casing and gas filament winded bottle is made by adding UV protective additives so as to withstand adverse weather conditions and prevent degradation.
Made with Recyclable Materials  
Cylinder are Eco-friendly as the composite glass fiber bottle can be crushed and added to the concrete used for building overhang bridges, constructions e.t.c